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CES MS bike ride
Battle of the Books was a success.
Limo Ride Fundraiser Winners!

Top earning fundraiser students enjoy a ride in a pink limo and lunch and Pizza Madness!

Limo Ride Fundraiser Winners!

Inside the pink Limo!

Farms are FUNdamental

Farms are FUNdamental!

In the Spotlight

Cañon Exploratory School's Vision:

Empowering life-long learners through relevant exploration, choice, and personal responsibility.



Cañon Exploratory School's Mission:


Foster diverse learners by utilizing Project Based Learning, Multiple Intelligences, Choice Theory, and multi-age groups. Learners will access relevant experiences and make a positive difference for themselves, their
families, and their world.
Cañon Exploratory School's Mission:

Principal's Message

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“But when a child is doing something that she is passionately interested in, she grows like a tree—in all directions.  This is how children learn, how children grow. They send down a taproot like a tree in dry soil.  The tree may be stunted but it sends out these roots, and suddenly one of these little taproots grows down and strikes a source of water.  And the whole tree grows.” 
This quote by John Holt from his book “Learning All the Time” speaks to me because of what it says about how we learn and what the role of our schools should be in fostering that learning.  I am so thrilled to come back to CES as the leader this time because I passionately believe in the work we are doing here.  We are allowing children to send down that taproot of curiosity and strike the source of learning.  We are growing trees!  Through Project Based Learning, Choice Theory, and Multiple Intelligences, we are helping students find their passion, develop their interests, and grow into lifelong learners.
I have been in the business of educating children for 28 years.  I began my career as an elementary music teacher, and then moved into the classroom after 13 years teaching primarily 5th grade--first in Pueblo Schools and then at McKinley.  I came to CES as a 5th/6th grade teacher the year we opened and then was instrumental in the creation of our Middle School before leaving last year to be the Dean of Students at Washington.  Coming back to CES is like coming home.  I love the people, the families, and the work we get to do here.   If you are a current member of the CES family, I hope you will stop in and see me the next time you are in the building.  If you a potential new member of our community, welcome!  Take the time to explore our excellent website and get to know who we are.  Please contact us for more information or any questions you may have.
I would like to leave you with the analogy of the tree—I love trees and often find them as a metaphor for happenings in my life and for our school. 
Be Like a Tree
·         Stay grounded
·         Connect with your roots
·         Turn over a new leaf
·         Bend before you break
·         Enjoy your natural beauty
·         Keep Growing
Canon Exploratory was born from the strong roots of Madison, so we must Stay Grounded to that history and Connect with Our Roots that have allowed us to grow into the exploratory school.  No matter how good we are, there is always room for growth and new ways to do things, so we won’t be afraid to Turn Over a New Leaf and look for new ways to improve.  During the challenges that we will most certainly face, we must Bend before we Break so that our tree will become even stronger and more beautiful.  There is not another school like CES, so let’s take the time to reflect on that and Enjoy Our Unique Natural Beauty. And, finally, let’s continue to do the great work we are doing and Keep Growing into that beautiful tree!
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